The following selection of photographs do not do adequate justice to the excellent display of turned

items from club members during the exhibition of work at the Turned 30 Exhibition and

Demonstration held at Trowbridge Town Hall from 15th to 20th May 2017. As well as the static display

club members also demonstrated their lathe skills in the foyer of the town hall. Exhibitors were: John

Aitken, Colin Aylesbury, Chris Brown, Bernard Bunn, Colin Bushell, George Charlton, Ken Crittle, Dave

Dowding, George Flowers, Mike Giddings, Sandy Grant, John Holloway, Joe Kerrawn, Andy Millar, Pete

and Mo Moncrieff-Jury, Alan Reed and John Saffin.

New Items
Skep pot in stabilised elm burr with a bee finial made from walnut and mahonia Pete Hatherell - May 2021
Turned from a green poplar log. The lantern glass is a food storage jar The lid of the jar is fitted under the turned top and has the battery box for LEDs fixed to it. Total height is 80cm. Pete Hatherell - May 2021

Colin Bushell has submitted this extremely novel design, spawned from a Christmas Cracker Novelty…..

What do you do with that tape measure that you had won in a Christmas Cracker. I had two and for some time I was stumped for ideas. A while ago I was watching one of those antique programmes, Bargain Hunt or similar, when a miniature tape measure holder came up and I thought I would have a go at making one of these. I spent some time thinking about it and sketched out some ideas. Here are some of my ‘fag packet’ sketches.
To make the drum, containing the tape, a little more friction free I had a piece of flexible, carbon fibre, tent pole I cut and drilled to the required size which seems to have worked. I also had to wind the tape on a spindle to calculate the inner dimension. I used a piece of oak for the main construction and a piece of walnut for the handle. The inner end is screwed to the drum and to stop the tape from being wound into the drum a attached a little stop to the tape. Anyway here are the finished photos. My Granddaughter is the custodian.